Complete Care

As a reflection of 21st Century learning and child development, the running and organization of the boarding house at CKA advocates more of guidance rather than imposed rules. The setting in the house is all encompassing and all involving. The Boarding House environment provides strong participation of all the students in running their own affairs while the in-house adults provide the necessary guidance to help the students achieve their potential.
The focus of the boarding house in complementing the academic development is on skills development.

Notable among which are:

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Leadership skills
  • Inter-personal Skills
  • Study skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Team work
  • Aptitude and Recreational development


Facilities and equipment of a high quality are provided to support the learning environment. Students partake in a range of extra-curricular activities; sports, outdoor education, skills, music and cultural activities. They have access to a safe recreational area. Boarders are looked after by staff, extremely dedicated to student welfare, following clear boarding policies and practice. Sound staff/student relationships are fostered and students’ privacy is respected. Each student has one or more members of staff to whom he/she can turn for personal guidance or with a personal problem.


The school has an effective policy on countering bullying, which is implemented successfully in practice. It also has, and follows, a fair and appropriate policy on behaviour, discipline and use of sanctions.


Boarders have outstanding sleeping accommodation, provision to study and private toilet and washing facilities secure from public intrusion. Adequate laundry provision has been made for boarders’ clothing and bedding. They receive first aid and health care as necessary and are adequately supervised and looked after when ill.


Meals provided to boarders  are adequate in quantity, quality and choice, and provision is made for special dietary, medical or religious needs. There is access to drinking water and food at reasonable times in addition to main meals.


Boarders are able to maintain private contact with their parents and families. Provision has been made to protect boarders’ possessions and money. Our complete care system is second to none!