Home away from home

Due to the excellent facilities and dedicated and experienced pastoral care, the students will experience a home away from home. We want the students to be proud of their boarding houses as they would their own homes.

Boarding Principles and Practice

The aim of boarding at City of Knowledge Academy is to provide a safe and secure environment for the personal and academic development of each boarding student. The school strives to reflect the best values of family life and incorporate them as much as possible into a communal environment. The Boarding experience encourages tolerance, respect for others, kindness, spiritual and moral awareness and self-discipline. It develops independence and the strength and ability of the individual to function as part of a team.

The advantages of boarding at City of Knowledge Academy

• State of the art academic and sporting facilities.

• Seasoned members of staff who have teaching and boarding experience in international education.

• Strong friendships developed from interaction with other children from other culture and faith while boarding often last a lifetime.

• A wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.

• Participation in a variety of cultural and leisure activities.

• A community designed for the students and managed by a team of staff committed to providing an atmosphere that is warm, friendly, caring and disciplined.

• Students learn self-confidence, independence and how to live with others in a supportive community that is committed to the benefit and welfare of all.

• A safe and secure site, with healthy clean air in a green and tranquil setting.

• Regular visiting days for parents and family to stay in touch with their children.

• Students can receive telephone calls from their parents at designated times over the weekend.

• A quality menu which reflects the educational and health values of eating a proper balanced diet, cooked by staff trained in best hygiene practices and food handling skills.

• Boarding houses which reflect the standards and comfort of home living.

• Trained medical staff working from a well-equipped medical centre offering 24 hour medical cover.

• Now Nigerians can attend a school with world class educational and boarding facilities and remain in Nigeria.