CKA offers equal opportunities for students with different abilities, regardless of their, socio-economic status and religious affiliation.

In order to take due account of academic and social maturation issues, the school will admit students according to strict criteria with regard to age, as follows:


Students seeking admission into Year 7 at the start of a school year in September must obtain an application form, write and pass an entrance test.

Similarly, students seeking admission into Years 8-11 at the start of a school year in September must write an entrance exam corresponding to the year they are seeking admission into.


Students are normally admitted at the beginning of the school year. Admissions during the school year will only be considered if there are vacancies, and will be subject to the same admission criteria.


Students seeking admission to CKA at any time later than the Year 7 September entry will be required to provide a confidential reference from their previous school regarding their conduct and behaviour. Students who are older than the eligible age for their class will not normally be admitted. However, after considering the circumstances, the effect of the candidate’s maturity on his/her performance, and the effect on the other students, the Head of School may use his/her discretion as whether to admit.

Why Choose CKA

The Unique Reasons:

CULTURE: Local and cultural training and exposure; social awareness, respect and empathy

CHARACTER: Integrity, focus, commitment, principles and conscience

CONFIDENCE: Knowledge, diligence, academic excellence and mind wealth


The three Cs above will be instilled in our students deploying the following:


I. Highly experienced and qualified staff drawn from top schools across the country


II. Excellent state-of-the art facilities.


III. Home away from home boarding facilities and experiences.


IV. A guarantee that any student that needs additional academic monitoring will receive dedicated attention from the widely resourced Learning Support Unit.


V. Music is an integral part of the school curriculum with an emphasis on individual and collaborative performances resulting in outstanding musical shows, concerts and recitals


VI. A breath of sporting activities which include football, athletics, volleyball, handball, swimming, basketball, taekwondo, Tennis, golf and any other sports that the students might be interested in.


VII. The Creative and Dramatic arts provide opportunities to showcase the artistic talents discovered and nurtured in the students.


VIII. A variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities provided by the Academy help students express and develop their skills and aptitudes; fulfilling the aesthetic quality of life which adds beauty to every soul.


IX. The common adage that ‘travel broadens the mind’ is taken literally in CKA as students have and will embark on curriculum enrichment trips both in Nigeria and abroad. CKA students will travel all over the world!


X. All rooms on site are air-conditioned with access to the internet.


XI. Infrastructure in place to support a technology driven approach to teaching and learning.